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[Demo] All Star Tower Defense

This is a demo site showing how a real public board can be converted into a site. This site is not public and is only used to show what’s possible. All content belongs to All Star Tower Defense Trello team.

All Star Tower Defense is a tower defense game that brings many different anime characters and series together into one experience. Defend your base across many different anime maps, and the stakes will only rise as you level up. How far will your strategy take you?

Tips/Strategies and FAQ


#Questions Related to the Game: ##Q: What is the best way of getting gems? A: Currently, the best way of obtaining more gems is by completing the damage task by playing in infinite mode or material farming mode.

Meta and Beginner Tips

#Meta Team/s Part 1 Meta Units are units that are the best, which means it is highly recommended you get these to be able to do your best on the modes.

Social Links

##Social Links # Game link (Roblox): All Star Tower Defense Discord Server: All Star Tower Defense Discord Server Official Trello Discord Server: Official Trello Discord Server

Unit Status Effects

There are 13 main types of status effect: Bleed, Burn, Sunburn, Black Flames, Poison, Freeze/Stun, Timestop, Ultimate Timestop, Reverse, Enchant Change, Reveal, Setback and Slow.

7 Star Units



Alien Boss (Final)

Alien Boss (Final) is a 7 star unit based off Lord Boros in his Meteoric Burst form from One Punch Man.

Beast Spawner

‌ Beast Spawner is a unit based off Armored Kurama from Naruto. You can get this unit by fusing Zaruto (SS) and Kosuke (SS) with Controlled Beast Variant Orb and Controlled Samurai Variant Orb.

Borul (SUPA III)

‌ Borul (SUPA) III is a 7 star unit based off Broly from Dragon Ball Super. You can get this unit from Evolving Borul (SUPA) II.


Devil is a 7 star unit Based off Diavolo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. This unit is obtained from evolving Shadow Devil.

Eyezen (Final)

‌ Eyezen (Final) is a 7 star unit based off Sosuke Aizen’s Third Fusion from Bleach. You can get this unit by evolving Eyezen (Hog II).